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Today i prayed for you. I prayed that God would reveal Himself in profound ways to you today. That He would give you peace in the chaos and bright moments throughout the day. I prayed that you would have abundance in grace, forgiveness, patience, kindness, love. Today i prayed you would know the God of the Universe in a new and amazing way. That you would see miracles in the smallest things and know that He is God in the most intimate way. Today i prayed for joy to abound in your life. Today i prayed that you would know Him…



Today i prayed for our children. I prayed that they would stand strong in the face of temptation, that they would stand strong for their beliefs, that they would stand strong in conviction. I prayed they would have maturity beyond their years and enjoy their youth, the freedom to play and be silly. i prayed that they would show respect for others, that they would stand up for the weak and the hurting. Today i prayed they would come alongside their peers and show them truth. That they would know their God and show His love to the people who walk along the path with them. i prayed that they would stand out as lights in darkness, that they would shine into the hearts of those they encounter throughout their day, into the dark corners of the hallways, that they would show sportsmanship on the field and in the classroom. Today i prayed for our children to seek wisdom in their decisions and look for opportunities to learn and grow, to make choices that would affect their future in positive ways. i pray they would submit to God and resist evil. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. God bless all the children this day…


Today i prayed for pastors. Lord, i lift up those who study, pray, support, and intercede for us on a daily basis. I lift up the ones who bring us worship, the ones who guide our children, the ones who love us thru our sorrows, the ones who celebrate our victories. Today i pray that You would hold them up, give them guidance and wisdom beyond their years, protect their families and show them Your love today. I pray that as they have worked and prepared all through the week to bring us Your word, You would bless them abundantly today with overwhelming peace and comfort.

Today i prayed for fellowship and thank God for the blessing that we have in the freedom of going to church. Join me in setting aside this time to worship together, love one another, lift up one another, and bless others in His name…


Today i prayed for you. I prayed that you would ask God for wisdom. Wisdom in your decisions, wisdom in your relationships, wisdom in your pain, wisdom in your blessings. I prayed that you would ask God to open your eyes to the beauty He has created for your good pleasure. Today i prayed that you would take the time to enjoy the family that He has blessed you with.

Today i prayed for marriage. Marriages that are together, marriages that haven’t happened, marriages that are broken, marriages that need wisdom, marriages that need time. I prayed that you would know love is not a fleeting feeling, but something that must be worked at in order to be enjoyed to it’s fullest. Today i prayed that you would work hard during the lows to ensure that marriage lasts and that you would invest when the highs are abundant. Today i prayed for the marriages that have not yet come to pass. i prayed that you would know that marriage is a commitment for a lifetime and not a passing fancy. i prayed that you would be quick to forgive, slow to react, and abundant in your love. Today i prayed for the marriages that have broken, for the hurt and the anger that flows so freely at times. I prayed that you would find love, peace, friendship and the God who loves beyond measure. I prayed that you would cry out to Him whose love knows no bounds, who has forgiven beyond measure, who has known hurt and pain like no other. He is your help, He is your comfort, He is your peace.

Today i prayed and ask that you join me in these prayers for the people in our lives, for the friends who have gone on, for the friends who have not yet come. Today i prayed that God would bless you in your prayers…


Today i prayed for humility. Today i prayed that the God who lives forever, who lives in a high and holy place, would be with you in your heart and your mind. I prayed that you would be humble, knowing that God has prepared mighty things for you to accomplish. I prayed you would allow God to lift you up during the hard parts of your day and rejoice with Him in the celebrations. I prayed you would not be overwhelmed with things that take away from the people who matter in your life. I prayed God would restore comfort to you and create praise on your lips when you mourn. Today i prayed for humble hearts and humble minds, that you would know God is with you lifting you when you are down and comforting you when you hurt and celebrating your victories.

Today i pray for the people who have gone from our lives. Today i prayed God would bless you as you come and go and have an impact on all who you surround. Today i prayed with humility that God allowed you in my life to have an impact on the person i am becoming and i thank you for allowing Him to work thru you.

Give ear to my words, Lord, consider my sighing… In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice, in the morning i lay my requests before you and i wait in expectation (ps.5)…


Today i prayed for you. Each day i get up and i pray. i read my Bible and i think of all of you. the people who have influenced my life, the people who have been there in my need, the people who have helped me, the people who have allowed me to help them, the people that are no longer a part of my life but were so comforting in the times that they were, the people who are a constant source of comfort with each day. God brings people into our lives for short and long periods of time. Each one has an impact on the person that we are meant to become.

Today i prayed that each one of you would know the depth, the height, the width, the breadth, of the love that God has for you. I prayed that you would be comforted in your troubles, that you would find those who rejoice with you, that you would find happiness in the little things each day. Today i prayed for joy to encompass your life, that you would be thankful for every person that walks across your path, that you would be filled to overflowing with gratefulness that makes you feel as if your heart would burst from excitement. Today i prayed you would hear the Father’s call and fall gladly into His arms for He waits for you eagerly.

Today i prayed for love…


Today i prayed for you. I prayed that you would shine like stars in the universe. I prayed that you would accomplish all things without complaining. I prayed you would remember that everything you do was put before you to build you into the person that God has made you to be. You are a child of God and it is God who works in your life to His good purpose and for His glory alone. I prayed that you would be blessed beyond worldly understanding, that you would be humble that God might lift you up to His arms. I pray that you would forgive others in a way that baffles, that your love would overflow, that you would give exuberantly from the riches that God has bestowed on you. God has given you riches beyond measure which are not the riches that the world knows, but the riches that are given from the heart. I prayed that you would feel these prayers and be lifted up as you go thru your day today…

God bless you as you journey this path with all the people that surround your life. For good or bad, these are the people that He has put there to grow you and make you into the person He intended for you to be.

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