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This world clamors so loudly, Lord. Do You hear my prayers? Do You feel my pain? Do You still call to me? I cannot hear Your answer because of all this noise, this busy-ness, these things that scream so loudly for my immediate attention. Where are You, Lord? I’m in the still small voice. It’s so loud in this world, You voice disappears, gets lost in the chaos. Help me to focus, to find the time for joy. Quiet the world for the week that we prepare to glorify You. Quiet the world for a moment to honor Your sacrifice. Where are You, Lord? Are You coming soon? We long to see You face to face. We long to know You as a friend. We long to be the people You have created us to be. We long to be free of the tangles, the weeds, the thorns. We desire Your heart for people. We desire Your eyes to see others. We desire Your hands to do good. We desire Your life that we do not grow weary. Today i prayed for YOU, Lord… be with us, todayipray…

heart homelessness homelessness.

This struck me in a place that is so profound and I believe so many are here or have been in this place. This is why i pray. This is why i go to a church where i can be with other Christ-followers. This is why i call upon you when i am lonely. So that we can hold each other in the loneliest parts of our lives and walk together, sometimes in silence and have a friend to celebrate with when we are renewed.

Beautiful Blogger Award & Thank you!

Here’s the skinny on what you need to do if you accept the Beautiful Blogger Award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
2. Share the love by passing the award along to your favorite bloggers.
3. Keep writing, inspiring, loving and living in joy and beauty and blessing others with your gift for words.

Momentum of Joy gave me this lovely award and I’m thankful for her support and words. She has wonderful words that inspire and challenge to live life to the fullest extent and embrace each day with new found joy and passion. Read her blog and experience a new way to look at life each day.

Also, check out these blogs for inspiration, tips, faith, and love:

With Unveiled Face and Ken’s Korner These wonderful blogs have great insight and inspiration for life. I appreciate these Pastor’s hearts and their words. Their teaching is an inspiration and challenges me to grow as a mom, a friend, a wife, and a person.

Courage to Tremble I found this blog and love her words and thoughts. She causes me to think and to embrace the world and God’s people in a different light and a beautiful way.

Organized Home is a great blog for helping with tips and handy helpful hints to get your whole family working together to make your home lovely and happier.

I hope that you enjoy these blogs and find something new that inspires you to love others to your fullest potential!


Today i prayed forgiveness… Lord, i pray that You would forgive all that have hurt us and all that we have hurt.  i pray for the healing touch of Your mighty hand in the wounds that are caused to our soul. Today i prayed that we would release each of these things to You and not allow satan the stronghold or the glory in these situations. i prayed that as we are wounded and broken, You would reach out to us and show us love and grow peace in our hearts. i pray that we would not take these burdens back, that we would continually lay them at the foot of Your cross and walk away with the assurance that You are holding each tear ever so gently. i pray that we would know that You are and that You are God above all earthly things, all human standards, all pride, all humility, all life. Today i prayed for Your forgiveness of sin and anger and healing from these hurts…


Today i prayed for you. I prayed that as you teach, mold, and invest in our children, you would know where your strength lies. that you would feel His hand on your life. i prayed that God would give you more courage, more love, more compassion, more power than you have inside. that He would lift you up and fortify the height of your strength. i pray that you are stirred up to empower these souls that are entrusted to you. that you would be encouraged to press on, knowing that His word never comes back void, knowing that He who began a good work in you will continue to the finish line, knowing that you are a part of their race, that God has revealed His plan and is using you to partner in showing His glory to those students. i pray that you are emboldened in your faith to live out what you believe. i pray that you will find peace in the chaotic moments of the day and that you find joy in the student who needs the most attention. i pray that you will show love beyond your own ability and know that God has invested His Spirit in you. i pray that you humbly accept the gift that God has place in you and that others would see that gift and come alongside to encourage you. that parents and students would have compassion today and show you love beyond themselves. i pray that you see Him today in your life and and in your work and in your schools and in your students and in your children and in your family and in your walk…

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