Today is Easter, the Resurrection Day, the Day that all of Christianity hinges on. Today is the day that Jesus, who was murdered by hanging on a cross, rose from the dead and conquered death. History tells us that Jesus existed. People tell us that he was a good teacher, a moral man, a loving man. “but who do you say I am?” Jesus told us that He is God (John 1:1, John 8:58, John 10:30), He is Truth (John 18:37), He is the only way (John 14:6). If today didn’t happen, then Christianity is built on a lie and millions are misled. If today didn’t happen, then the God i pray to, doesn’t exist. But it did and He did and He is. He is the I AM of all existence.

Today, millions will go to church. Some for the first time, some who haven’t gone in years, some who don’t want to be there, some who are uncomfortable, some who just are. Today i pray for these, the broken, the weary, the seeking, the sought. Today i pray that they will find answers, that they will find hope, that they will find rest. On this day, i pray for all that come into Your sanctuary, that they find peace, that they find truth, that they find love. Today, Lord, on the best day of the Christian faith, i pray that millions will find You and know that You are and know that You can and know that You will. Today i pray for the millions that already know You. That they would be refreshed, energized, made whole, completed in You. That this day would propel them into a fresh faith, to live the abundant life that You make available to us all. Today i prayed for you…

Matthew 16:15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”


About todayiprayed

just a mom who was inspired to write some encouragement by a God who loves unconditionally and forgives abundantly. View all posts by todayiprayed

6 responses to “Easter

  • Annie

    What a heartfelt prayer to which I gladly said amen, sister!

    It’s interesting the way you write “i” in lowercase while meticulously capitalizing all pronouns associated with God, suggesting that you’re doing this on purpose rather than because the distance to the Shift button is too great to trouble you :). Are you trying to make the point that it’s silly that we capitalize “i” to talk about ourselves and not to talk about anything or anyone else (except God) and thereby rebelling against egocentricity in the human race? 😀 Just a thought.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

    • todayiprayed

      i’ve always been drawn to lowercase letter writing. i like the way the “i” looks.

      the truth is that i’ve always had self-esteem (for lack of a better description) issues and feel that capitalizing “i” is drawing an attention to myself that i’m not completely comfortable with. if we capitalize “i”, then why not “he”, “you”, “they” – meaning the people in your story or tale? it is a form of humility for me. capitalizing God is a must for me. i’m not at all comfortable with addressing the God of the universe in a lower-case standing.

      yes, it is on purpose, i do enjoy lowercase letters, and i love God with all my heart. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the precious moments of your day and reading these words. i love your stories and am glad you stopped here that i might find you!
      God bless you this fine Easter!

      • Anastasia

        I agree, it doesn’t make sense and definitely doesn’t look humble that we capitalize the pronoun “I”. At least we don’t capitalize “me” (while ignoring you, they, we, etc.) so it makes us just look weird rather than selfish at least some of the time :).

        You are a beautiful, unrepeatable miracle of God’s! 🙂 Don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise :).

        Thanks for coming by my blog too and for commenting! I love comments and am pretty excited to go read them now.

        God bless you too!

  • Monti Halstengard

    A beautiful prayer and a great idea for a blog. the “i” is way cool, too. Lots of love and stuff.

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