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God Himself esteems us, puts value to who we are, not what we look like, not what we do or what we have done. He says you are valued, loved, safe, whole, and made in His image. what does this mean to you? it is a hard one for me to conceive, let alone accept. how does it affect your daily living?

this post by Colors of Color really brings it home
I need more spiders in my toilet.

Today i pray for those whom God esteems. i pray you will be surrounded with love, feel valued in who God has made you to be, and you know that you are made in His image. i pray you will know beyond words that He doesn’t make mistakes and that you are a work in progress. i pray you will have grace with yourself, your faults, and with others and their faults. i prayed that you would have time for quiet, for reflection, for remembering the blessing you are to others just for your very existence. God bless you abundantly this day!




a project that i began more than 5 years ago. i got very close to done and got injured. once healed, i never went back. today, i finished. it is a birthday present for my sister that i know she will love. she has admired it in its unfinished glory in my garage for these past many years and laughs at the fact that it’s still sitting there. her birthday is this week, so i decided to make it a priority.

there are many unfinished projects in our lives: children, laundry, cleaning, organizing, pictures, the list could go on for days. but how often are we frustrated in ourselves? the choices that we make that we think we know better, but then make the wrong choice anyway.

OUCH! Paul had that one right! here’s the thing, tho, WE are UNFINISHED! how glorious is that? we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance so that we would walk in them. {Ephesians 2:10} so God is not done with us yet. He has not shelved us in the garage to finish on a later date when He is less busy. He is working on us every day to mold us into the people that He is making us to be. yes, we do fall short each day, but as you see the work He is doing and has yet to do, can you imagine how glorious it will be when we’re done?!

Today i prayed for all the unfinished pots. i pray that you will see the work, the time, the love, the discipline that God is pouring into your life each moment today.

i pray that you will be filled to overflowing, that you might share this grace and understanding with the other unfinished pots in your life. may God bless you abundantly as you traverse these broken edges and chipped pieces into the completeness that He has for you and for others!


When I Think, “Everyone’s an Idiot”.

This is a fabulous post and prayer for each day that our attitudes would change. Today i prayed that my attitude would reflect my God and my Savior. that i would love others beyond my limited self, to the extent that God loves them and has shown His love for me. today, as we do hard things, deal with hard people, and drive hard roads, i pray for grace to abound, joy to overwhelm, and love to encompass each moment.


Today is mother’s day. at our church, our children’s director took the past few weeks and put together a fabulous video interviewing some of the kids and pieced together some of their answers. 2 of my boys were on the video. when asked if your mom was an animal, what would she be? the answer? a monkey, because she is crazy. when asked to give one word that would describe your mom… RIDICULOUS! yep! that was their word. when asked what is your favorite thing about your mom… “when she is mad and then she starts goofing around and she’s just… well… RIDICULOUS!”


that’s what my kids think of me! i’m ridiculous and i love it! i revel in it, enjoy it, exploit it. i am intrigued to know that this is their perception of who i am. it isn’t what i strive for, but it is who God made me. God. who has infinite wisdom. created me to be ridiculous. nice. it is different. sometimes it’s out of hand. sometimes it’s offensive. but usually, my heart is in the right place.

so today i pray for all the ridiculous moms out there. the ones who laugh when things are out of control, that find life in the dullest of parties, that bring laughter in the libraries, joy in the heartbreak, that light firecrackers in the darkness, that cause you to smile in the hardest times. i prayed for each and every one of these ridiculous moms that doesn’t feel adequate, doesn’t fit into the mold of motherhood, doesn’t feel good enough. i pray that they find others that embrace life with them, they find support for their decisions, they find wisdom to get through each amazing situation that God gives them. i pray they know that God has given them a place and a purpose in His works and His plans. i pray they get rest when needed and that love will surround them all day, all week, all month, all year.

Charm is deceitful
Beauty is vain
but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised
~Proverbs 31:30~
 God bless all the ridiculous moms!


i am angry. i am hurt. i’ve been betrayed. many of you know these feelings, this pain, this sin. it’s justified, it’s righteous. it’s deserving.
and yet…
it’s hurtful. it’s all-consuming. it robs us of sleep, peace, kindness, gentleness, faith, self-control, love. it takes over our lives, it consumes our thoughts, it clouds our judgement, it is sin. nothing more, nothing less. it allows satan to have his way in our life, our mind, the situation. it gives freedom to the enemy. i am tired. there is nothing i want more than to forgive and let it go…

and yet…

“Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body.” {Ephesians 4:25}

what do i do now?

biblically speaking, i must confront the lying, the stealing, the falsehood and speak truth to this person. but this person has already made it clear that to do so would end up hurting others that i love.

“in your anger, do not sin…” {Psalm 4:4}

i cannot go to the person, i cannot go to the ones that are being hurt, i am standing at the crossroads and am waiting to choose the right path.

“In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent. Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord.” {Psalm 4:4-5}

so i am silent,

trusting in the Lord.

i trust Him to do what i cannot. i need to let go. this needs to be forgiven.

and yet…

“He who has been stealing must steal no longer…” {Ephesians 4:28}

how do i pray. where do i begin. what is right when everything feels wrong.

today i prayed for the ones dealing with anger, hurt, betrayal. today i prayed that You would fill our hearts with forgiveness, our minds with peace, our day with love. today i pray for joy to abound, relationship to flourish, that You bring us back to Your loving arms. today i prayed that You would forgive me my anger, my hurting, my sin and lift me up, back to You. do not turn Your face from me, Lord.

i also pray that You would defend Your name, Lord! that the ones who are calling themselves Yours will turn back to You not just in words, but in deed as well. i pray for Your righteousness, Your justification, Your will to be done in these situations that arise in our lives and consume us.

Arise, O Lord!
Deliver me, O my God!
Strike all my enemies on the jaw;
break the teeth of the wicked.
From the Lord comes deliverance.
May Your blessing be on Your people.
Psalm 3:7-8

i pray that i can find a place of acceptance, knowing that Your ways are higher than mine and your love is deeper than mine, and Your knowledge is greater than min and Your wisdom is unfathomable. i pray that i would be able to accept Your ways, Your answer, Your forgiveness, Your love.

today, i pray that the Lord would restore you to fellowship with Him…

and today, i ask that you would pray for me too.


In Luke 6:32, Jesus says, “if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.” huh.

SIN. it’s such a powerful word. so many connotations, so many meanings, it carries with it insurmountable baggage. it’s abused, neglected, misused, placated, justified. i’ve heard it described as an archer’s term for missing the mark, heard it said that everyone is a sinner, seen others justify it and nullify it. ultimately, we are all “sinners”, we ALL miss the mark, we ALL sin, WE ALL fall short {romans 3:23}.  so why are we so offended when someone uses that word? think about the mistakes that you’ve made, think about all the anger, hate, jealousy, frustration, hurt and the actions that you took and then felt sick about later [even when we justified it as deserved]. we all fall short. i fall short every day. i confess to you that i am a broken, sinning person. i also confess to you that i know God loves me. i know He came here to earth, put on human flesh to live a life unattainable by human standards, walked a humiliating road, encountered shame, abuse, and death so that i would be able to join Him for all eternity. He sends me His Holy Spirit to guide, assist, convict me, daily, that i might grow, learn, repent, each day. He did this not just for me, but for YOU as well. He loves you so much that He doesn’t want you living the consequences of hurt, hate, jealousy, gossip, SIN. He wants you to repent, to turn to Him, to love others in the way that He loved you, to forgive, to accept forgiveness instead of guilt, to have truth in your life, to have hope, to have joy.

Psalm 25:8 “Good and upright is the Lord; therefore, He instructs sinners in His ways.”

Today i prayed for sinners. every. single. one. me included. i prayed that we would turn from our sin, confess it to those who can walk the path of redemption with us, accept forgiveness, accept life, receive love. i prayed that today we would have hope, peace, joy, faith.

today i prayed for you and for me and for all who fall short…

National Day of Prayer

Focal Point Radio Ministries Articles Praying Well.

Today is National Day of Prayer. thought i would share this article with you all and ask that you join me in praying today for our country, for our families, for our children, for our future.

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