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“My son, if you accept my words
and store up my commands within you,
turning your ear to wisdom
and applying your heart to understanding
and if you call out for insight
and cry aloud for understanding,
and if you look for it as for silver
and search for it as for hidden treasure
then you will understand the fear of the Lord
and find the knowledge of God.”
Proverbs 2:1-5

Lord, we are in tumultuous times around the world. in a place where technology rules, the world, in it’s vast expanse, becomes very small. today i pray for our leaders. the ones in high places, the ones close to home, the ones in the public eye, and the ones that few see. i pray they would have wisdom beyond their understanding, they would make choices that protect the ones they lead, they would not be influenced by greed or power, that they would hear You and obey and follow Your instruction. i pray they would put others before themselves. as they follow You, i pray You would bless them, protect their families, walk beside them and comfort them, encourage them. i pray You would make Yourself known to them today in abundant ways.

thank You, Lord, for each leader who has stepped up to lead and put others needs before their own. today i pray You would give them peace, joy, strength, so they may lead as You have called them and love for their calling.

“for the Lord gives wisdom
and from His mouth come knowledge & understanding
He holds victory in store for the upright
He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless
for He guards the course of the just
and protects the way of His faithfulness”
Proverbs 2:6-8


i just dropped my son off at the train station… the TRAIN STATION! with only his friends! they are leaving for 5 days to stay with my oldest son in one of the most beautiful places i’ve had the privilege to visit.

you ask why? well, like many children at this time of the year, he is graduating. he is graduating from the 8th grade, he is graduating from child to young man, he is graduating toward independence. we all make this transition, this graduation. each day, each year, we are graduating, getting a little older and hopefully a little wiser, graduating towards new life, new adventures, new journeys. it’s hard to be a part of, so many emotions. pride and sorrow fight each other for command of the tear ducts. but we walk thru them sometimes quicker than we want to. the heart squeezes tight, the throat closes, the head pounds, we watch and wait as we become painfully aware that soon and very soon life will be quite different.

oh Lord, walk with us thru this journey, along this path that humbles us. fortify us. make us strong enough to carry the weight of each graduation in our life. brace our knees as we fall to them in agony and cause us to see You thru each moment. protect our hearts and keep our tears and we will embrace the life You generously give to us each day.


the darkness of this world increases with the tide. a little girl violently raped, marriages crumbling, fathers desperately looking for work to support their family, a sweet neighbor with brain cancer, little children mourning the loss of their mother, pornography infiltrating children’s lives. these are a few of the items on my prayer plate this week. the world seems very dark when things like these are the prominent thoughts. God is faithful to heal, to restore, to redeem, to comfort, and we must remember to look at the treasures, the redemption, the restoration that is happening every day around the world.

so today i prayed for Your light to shine on the darkness, Your glory to shine in the lives of Your sons and daughters, Your love to radiate beyond worldly circumstances. i pray that You, our Lord and our God, will intervene abundantly in each situation, that You will show grace, mercy, kindness, goodness, peace in each life, to Your children whom You love.

today i pray…

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