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This story touched me on both a heart level and a personal level.

Today, join me in praying for the hurt, the lonely, the lost, who are just trying to figure it out. i pray that God lifts you and shows you beautiful glimpses of sunshine in this crazy time of year.

Remember, He has identified you as his own, guaranteeing that you will be saved on the day of redemption.” Eph 4:30

You are God’s very own, the apple of His eye, and He has not left or forgotten you this day.



Another year, another Christmas season is upon us. My favorite quote was quite some years ago when a gentleman standing in line at a store on Christmas Eve looked at my hurried appearance and said, “You know, it comes the same day every year. Maybe you should make a plan.” Sounds good. He had no idea the financial struggles we had been in or the fact that we just got a bonus that day which actually allowed me to buy my husband a present or that my hubby thought that i was at the store grabbing a couple last minute groceries for the family dinner the next day and had no idea that i foolishly stopped at the mall because i wanted him to have a present under the tree on Christmas morning. I know he meant it as a joke and i did laugh it off and the hubby and small children in the house all had gifts to open the next day because of my last minute trip. But it brings me to now…

We have no idea the struggles that folks are in each season. Personally, i’ve been going thru some sadness in my life and just realized recently that it may be the cause of the funk i’ve been in for the last few months. My grandma left this life just a few short months ago. We knew that it would come. She had been sick for some time. But i can’t help thinking of her this season and i miss her so very much. Thoughts of her smiling face, her generous spirit, her loving kisses, flood my mind daily all of a sudden. I think of my grandfather, laying in bed day after day, month after month, for the past year and i cannot help but not want to celebrate Christmas in the normal way. i miss them both… very very much.

Each year, folks go thru this very thing. i have many friends in the throws of loss this season and it crushes my heart to think that they have spent 30, 50, 65 years together and now their best friend is gone. we know that the Lord watches each one and He comforts us and cares for us and holds us in His arms, but the companion that we have known for most of our lives here is no longer next to us as we walk each step, to help us when we trip, to hold us when we mourn. our mourning and our house seems so very empty.

Today i pray for those who are mourning loss for Christmas. i pray for the loneliness, the heartache, the pain, the sorrow. i pray that loving memories flood your dreams and your awakes, that stories flow freely about each minute, each vacation, each car breakdown, each birth of a child, each plumbing fiasco, each holiday, every quiet moment and every whispered word. i pray that you are comforted and embraced in your loneliest times of the day and night. i pray that you find joy in the smallest glimpse of daylight. i pray that the Lord would show you little delights and hug your dreams, that you may awake smiling in the morning. today i pray that the emptiness fades away into oblivion for a moment, you are filled with courage to step out, and you smile without thinking again. today i pray for you…


today i said a prayer for you,

for your sorrow and your pain.

the broken relationships in your life,

and each broken thing.

i pray that God will bless you with

hope and joy to get thru this day.

as you walk the narrow path of life,

He sends angels to guide your way.

i pray you have love and support

to carry you thru each torment

and remember God is with you

thru each fleeting moment…

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