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In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. – Mark 1:35

“It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12


There is hardly a “secluded” place left in this world, let alone in my house! Even as I sit here, there are people surrounding & talking about their various plans for the day. There are not many places for silence in this world. Electronics loom in every space calling for an answer: email, texts, tv, podcasts, news, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest…

We must then find our will power to build in a new habit, to create a new space, to overcome the things that demand immediate attention, cry that we are missing out…

“God is always there.”

“He waits for me.”

“He comes with me.”

While all these statements are true, our relationship with Him dwindles to nothing as we do not spend quiet time trying to hear Him, talking with Him. Any relationship that does not have time built into it grows cold. He is becoming more distant, silent, dark…

“Can you hear My voice?”

“And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile.” They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves.” – Mark 6:31

His voice is like a whisper, a hush, still… We cannot hear Him with the world’s noise constantly blaring. Eventually, we hear only ourselves and our thoughts become worldly and our lives become worldly and we do not reflect His love in our lives and our prayers become self focused. It is a spiral that encompasses many of our lives and the only way to break it is to rebuild our habits again.

“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Rev 2:4

The Greek translates it You have LOST your first love. That’s quite profound. Lost. Lost is so much more than left. When we leave something, it’s typically done with some kind of intent. Lost indicates something we had not intended or even realized we were doing. But lost it has become. Our first love – lost because of the busy-ness of this world, lost because we did not invest the time in what we had once cherished, lost because of distraction.

Today i pray for that secluded location, that place, that time. i pray we would carve out a time, create a priority, rebuild a habit, to build into the relationship with the Maker of the universe. i pray that we would remember our first love, that we would hear God’s quiet whisper and long to be in His presence. That we would create a space for Him and only Him in our day, today i pray.



I’ve forgotten
Just how sweet Your mercies are Lord
Could You remind me
You’ve been faithful in my weakness
Father Your Love Overwhelms my soul
I’m learning to need You

I cry out Your name
I am in need of Your mercies, Jesus
Despite my pride and my shame
I’m learning to need You

Learning to Need You, by Justin McRoberts

How much does this ring true. Another year has come and gone. Mistakes made. Grace received. Blessings given. I could listen to this song a hundred times and think of more and more mercies that the Lord has given so graciously to me. So many times i have forgotten completely how much i need desperately His mercy, His faithfulness, His strength, His grace. So much pride, so many mistakes, so many times falling, so much…

God is so faithful, so gracious, so generous. So many times we do forget and get caught up in the crazy of this world. Every single one of us needs Him whether we realize it or not. As we enter another year, another year of loss & gain, heartache & joy, catastrophe & ecstasy, may we remember that this world is not the end. May we remember that there are many still who do not know the everlasting hope of Jesus. May we remember to give grace when we are wounded, to give comfort when we see pain, to have patience at the end of our day, to give love when we are completely empty, to surrender our exhaustion to God and see what He can make of the meager scraps we have left to give, to smile and acknowledge people throughout the day. The smallest glimpse of God in these moments may make the difference in one person’s heart. God blesses you each moment of every day that you surrender to Him. Each time we are kind to another, each time that we pray for another, each time that we give grace or mercy to another, we have opportunity to experience God’s blessing.

Today i pray that we would allow Him the opportunity to bless us in our strength and in our weakness. i pray that we would relinquish our “right” for His love, our “justified” for His grace, our “attitude” for His mercy. i pray that we would have opportunities throughout the day to help someone else, to partner with God as He works in this world. Today i pray that God’s love would overwhelm our souls and that we would learn each day to need Him more and more and that we would remember just how sweet Your mercies are Lord…

Have a listen while you pray and remember how much you need Him…

*Check out Justin on iTunes. He is a fabulously gifted singer/songwriter.*

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