This morning, just before my eyes reluctantly began to peek at the morning sun, it hit me. I love my husband. I cannot bear to live without him. He is my best friend in the entire world. I can tell him anything – ANYTHING! We share 3 wonderful boys. Life has not ever been completely easy, but we have had the most amazing Godly support available. We have walked thru extremely bad times, extremely good times, vacations, road trips, family losses, heartache, messy houses, construction projects, miracles, valleys, employment, non-employment, anger, love, diets, clothing size changes, depression, surgery. I cannot express the amount of life you experience when you are together with a person for 22 years and you work thru the tough times to strive for better than. There is nothing more special in life than a friend who knows you and loves you anyway.

I was listening to the radio one day and heard a radio preacher on Focal Point say, “If you are married, you have found your soul mate.” So much truth in this statement. There will always be problems and issues, but the best results always come when people decide that the relationship and the family that they have began is more important than the fight or the right.

The Story of Us has one of the best endings, in my humble opinion, regarding this:

Today i pray for the children, the families, the spouses that are struggling. I pray that they would find the love, the patience, the heart for the one they are joined with. I pray for God’s loving embrace to surround them. I pray that God’s people would come alongside to comfort and support each one. I pray that blame would be cast into the depth of the pit from whence it came. I pray that each one would come to their knees in prayer and cry out to the only one who can heal each wound and protect each heart. Today i prayed for those considering leaving as an option…

Today i pray for the children, the families, the spouses, that have endured. I pray that they would experience blessings in their patience, peace in their homes, love that cannot be explained. I pray God’s protection when the enemy rages thru and calm within the storms of life. I pray that each one would realize the depth of their blessings and be overcome with gratitude for each moment that they have had together.


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just a mom who was inspired to write some encouragement by a God who loves unconditionally and forgives abundantly. View all posts by todayiprayed

2 responses to “realization

  • Jenn

    Never have seen that movie – what a clip … who threw the title drama queen into it?

    Anyway -your post is very heartfelt and what a burden. Was it all the fairy tales that made folks think of “happily ever after” and all that? Life’s real and for that you need real people … and then things change, you get older and older and well, things change and it’s great to have someone who has been through at least a good part of it with you.

    One doesn’t necessarily have to get older for life to throw some curve balls – you know – we kinda take that for granted. I joke about having been 10′ tall and bullet proof. But I really never was, just didn’t know it!

    Thank goodness for the Lord! Couldn’t do any of this w/o Him, though I’ve certainly tried.

    I’m anxious to see what you end up writing – after the comment you left on my blog earlier .

    Did I rattle a bit there? After Pfeifer’s drama, I can’t tell (ha ha).

    • todayiprayed

      The movie has gotten panned by so many for being very real – well they have other terms, but the reality is it hits some very real moments that people have gone thru and that makes it not very popular. I just love this speech at the end. If you watch the movie (be aware – very graphic in it’s reality of a couple going thru the heat of divorce) this clip is even more powerful.

      Life is real and if people are disposable, it becomes very lonely. God doesn’t throw us away when we blow it, but walks with us thru it all. Always makes me think of Hosea and what he had to walk thru to show us what we constantly do in our relationship with God and others as well. Harlots, every one. Repentance. Grace. Forgiveness. Life cannot be lived without each one daily.
      God bless you! I’ll let you know when the other post is done. I read thru your link to Well Spent and was heartbroken again. His quote before he began the description was powerful.

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