Psalm 5:2-3

Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
 for I pray to no one but You.
Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
 Each morning I bring my requests to You and wait expectantly.

Pay attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for I pray to You.
At daybreak, Lord, You hear my voice; at daybreak I plead my case to You and watch expectantly.

daybreak, morning, the absolute first thing that we should do upon waking, PRAY. build a relationship with your Creator.

expectantly – leaning in, listening, waiting with expectation, keep watch, look up, look toward.

We go thru life with so many expectations that are never met, unreasonable, unreachable, unattainable. God says that we should plead our case and wait or watch expectantly. So many times we pray, but then we exchange two little letters and instead of expect, we give except. Except God won’t answer because… My prayers are possible, except… We need to turn it around and wait EXPECTANTLY. Expect God to ACT. He acts in the lives of believers around the world daily. He will act in your life if you allow Him to, if you know what to expect. The only way to know what to expect is to build that relationship. You cannot expect from someone you do not know. So get to know Him and His wonders and His works and His character and be blown away by all of who God is.

Today i pray we would expect God to act! I pray that in our hardest prayers and our toughest moments of the day, we would see God’s mighty hand working and learn to wait and watch expectantly. Today i pray that He would go so far beyond our expectations that we would not be able to cease telling others who He is and how He has shown His love and life and forgiveness to you today.



About todayiprayed

just a mom who was inspired to write some encouragement by a God who loves unconditionally and forgives abundantly. View all posts by todayiprayed

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