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seek peace

Psalm 34:13
“Keep your tongue from evil & do good. SEEK PEACE & PURSUE IT

seek peace
chase after peace
do NOT STOP chasing peace
pursue it until you catch it & if it escapes you again, run after it
pursue diligently after peace


until the day that peace is yours
until you possess it fully

The peace of God
The peace that passes ALL understanding
The peace that guards your heart & mind

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS, again I will say REJOICE! Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand. Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERYTHING, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving

today i pray for peace in the midst of the chaos

peace in the midst of crisis
peace in the midst of pain
peace in the midst of defeat
peace in the midst of success
peace in the midst of life

today i pray for you to find a moment of peace in Him.




this week has been a week of JOY and answers for our house {employment!} and many of my friends who we have been praying for. we are so joyful for all the answers. so many times in the last few days, my heart is so overwhelmed with joy that it feels like it is going to burst from my chest & i cannot move. since the realization that we were going to be ok and just that it was time to wait on God’s timing, we became enamored with the waiting and have been blessed more than abundantly in the process.

2 Corinthians 9: 6-15

Remember this – a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop. You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure, for God loves a person who gives cheerfully {Proverbs 22:9} And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. As the Scriptures say,

“They share feely and give generously to the poor.
Their good deeds will be remembered forever.” {Psalm 112:9}

For God is the One who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, He will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you.

Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God. So two good things will result from this ministry of giving – the needs of the believers in Jerusalem will be met, and they will joyfully express their thanks to God.

As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all the believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ. And they will pray for you will deep affection because of the overflowing grace God has given to you. Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words!

what an amazing passage of teaching! as we are a blessing to others, He blesses us so abundantly that we cannot help but pour out in generosity and the circle continues. we have been blessed by so many this week and our hearts are filled to overflowing from seeing God’s church at work in our little sphere of life. He teaches us to depend on one another and be interwoven as His family, the church.

today i pray that God puts people in our path that are in need of the blessing He has bestowed on us! i pray that we would be able to give generously to those who need blessing, that what we cannot give in things, we will be able to give in words and encouragement. i pray that God’s glory shines thru and that those who do not know the One will find Him thru the blessings of His children. i pray that God’s children would be driven to their knees in joy, that they would be so overwhelmed with His love today that they cannot contain it and it would spread like fire thru our city, our county, and beyond. today i give praise and thanks and glory to the One who provides, the One who watches over us, the One who encourages us, the One who loves…

today i also pray for the ones who have not received answers, who are still in the middle, who still wait. i pray that they would find the joy in the waiting, the hope to continue, and would be able to wait expectantly for their answers knowing that the One is building their character and growing their relationship with Him.

today i pray for those who received their answers, but they are not answers of joy. i pray for the hard answers, the crushing news, the heartbroken and the weary. i pray that in the midst of their brokenness and their pain, that they would find peace in the struggle, they would feel loved in the process, they would be surrounded with God’s people and His words. i pray that their minds get rest and their relationships knit together tighter as they lean in to the One. be with the hurting and the broken today, Lord.


9 more days…
9 more days!!!
9 more days until the bills are due again. 9 more days to figure out where the money is coming from. 9 more days before things get too serious. God, we have only 9 MORE DAYS!

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens & the earth…
1:31 God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. And there was evening & there was morning – the sixth day.

If in 6 days, the God of the Universe created the whole place from nothing, then in 9 days MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!

But there are so many, Lord, that don’t have 9 more days. Today is the reckoning for those families. They have ZERO days. No more minutes of waiting, expecting, hoping. The time for action is now, the time for Your glory has arrived. You are a God of hope, a God of timing, a God of patience. Show Your glory to those families today, Lord. Let them know who You are. Let others see Your faithfulness in their lives. Let others be amazed at Your perfect timing.

Today i pray for those who are at their last breath, the ones who are out of time, the ones who feel crushed beneath the weight of the world. today i pray for Your miracles, for the rescue that has been holding out, for You to show Your glory in their lives and thru their lives. i pray that You would shine light on their darkest hour brighter than any sun & more powerful than human explanation.

Today i pray for those with just 9 more days. i pray You would give us strength in the waiting, hope in the process, encouragement for the journey. i pray that we would be emboldened to speak of Your faithfulness, energized to accomplish the daily tasks, peace to hear Your voice in the quiet whisper.

i pray, Lord, that You would be with each of us in the waiting, each of us in the darkness, each of us in the GLORY!

2 Timothy 2:13
If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.

Lord, do not deny Yourself to us today.
Bring Your joy to us this day, i pray…


“Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied to Job…”

This is when we need to be most diligent in our words, but not Eliphaz. He begins by chastising: “Will you be patient and let me say a word? For who could keep from speaking out?” We are weak as humans and when we see suffering, we get angry. Sometimes lashing out at the folks who we are trying to help, encourage, or lift up. But I love Eliphaz’ next words. I heard them as if I was hearing them for the first time this past week, as if God Himself was trying to reach out and prepare me for the road ahead:

“In the past you have encouraged many people; you have strengthened those who were weak. Your words have supported those who were falling; you encouraged those with shaky knees.”

Such sweeter words spoken and i’m sure were a bright spot of sunshine to Job in his unfathomable grief. But then another chastisement: “But now, when trouble strikes, you lose heart. You are terrified when it touches you. Doesn’t your reverences for God give you confidence? Doesn’t your life of integrity give you hope?”  Yep. That’s where we are. It is so easy to encourage others in their grief. So easy to encourage others in their strife. So easy to encourage others in their distress. So easy to help them out of trouble. But when we are struck down and feeling lost, alone, and hopeless, it is almost impossible to remember our own faith, the past victories that God has walked us through, the success that we have enjoyed, the faithfulness of God

I know that Eliphaz and the other friends of Job did not accurately portray God, but they did accurately portray us as humans here on the earth. We are quick to help others and slow to remember that God helps us. We know that everyone cannot do it on their own, but think that we must. So, although Eliphaz’ words were not intelligent or helpful to Job, God used them to remind me that we need to remember His faithfulness in the past as we walk the rough and rocky path ahead. He is with us always and He does know the beginning from the end.

The words of Job have never rung clearer than they do today. we have watched and grieved as others lost jobs, but now we know the fear intimately.

Today i prayed for peace and strength as we walk down the path fearing the unknown. i pray that God would guide us and light our way. i pray that He would give us glimmers of hope and shine thru the darkness in these rough days. i thank Him for His provision, for His love, for His direction, for His comfort, for His people that surround us each day. i prayed for all the ones walking tougher roads that we cannot understand and do not know. i pray for the roads to be made smooth this day, that the rocks would be moved, and that they would have a few more easy steps than they have in the past. i pray for prayers to be answered today! for God to be glorified today! for His love to be so evident today that we could not imagine life without it! Thank you, Lord, for Your everlasting love that we could never understand.


Today i my birthday. i’m 45! yup. made it this far in life. there have been lots of ups and lots of downs. i am very grateful for the friends and family that share this day with me. as i sit here thinking about the past so far, i wonder many things.

There have been many days that i wallow, many days that i rejoice, many days that i’m fulfilled, many days that i’m crushed and broken. i think of the many who have invested in my family’s life and in my own. so many that i will never forget. 3 of the most influential people in my life have gone on before me and i miss them and sometimes am lost without them. they loved and accepted me wholly and that does not come along very often. i miss them today mostly when i want to share the many blessings happening in my life. i know they would be so happy to see things coming together here at this house.

Today, on my birthday, i shall pray for the families that have blessed mine this past month. they have changed my life and my family’s lives in ways that they will never know. God has put us in their path of generosity and we are forever changed. today i pray they will feel the love and the blessing from the storehouses of God, the mightiest of joy, the grandest of praise, that only He can bestow from the riches that we can never fathom. I think of the blessing and the joy and the gift that they have worked so hard giving my family and i am overwhelmed, my heart feels as if it would burst. Today, i pray that these families are given rest and peace and delight and comfort that only He can bestow.

Today i am grateful that God is restoring my life from the rubble that i made of it over the many years and i am blessed and thankful for the generosity of the many families that have been investing in us and our house this past 2 months.


This week i saw a child that i’ve known most his life. He is an adventurous child that inclines toward excitement. He has always been full of life and has an undeniable gift for leadership. He was there on my first day that i began attempting to monitor children on a playground – a job i did not feel equipped for, but needed in order to allow my children to continue in their paid education. He quickly showed me that there was lots of fun to be had in this crazy job. At times, trouble seemed to be his best friend, but when chastised was quickly led to remorse. He was not a child that wanted to behave badly, but loved excitement too much to pass up any adventure no matter the consequences. He has always had a following – others would do anything to be a part of his world. He is one who was born to lead. Although i do not see this child near as much as i used to, i’m sure that his adventures have followed him all through his high school career. He is very close to graduating high school and well on his way to manhood. He has many men of God in his life and no matter which path he chooses, i’m positive that he will become the man that God has intended him to be.

today i pray for this child that is rapidly becoming a young man. i pray for the choices he has made, the choices he makes, and the choices to come. i pray that the each decision he makes will be a learning experience that grows and stretches him. i pray that he remembers those who are watching, following, learning from his examples and picks his steps accordingly. i pray that the grand decisions he makes will be teaching experiences, that he would grow with each person that he meets. i pray that he would not feel condemned, but know that his God has reaches out, holds him safely, loves him dearly, and watches over him with every step.

Today is a day to pray for those children who are becoming adults in this crazy world. Yes, that corny song is true: the children are our future. Think about that one kid who is graduating into adult-hood and pray for them today. It will make a difference in your life and theirs.


James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy my brothers & sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

consider…  ACKNOWLEDGE!

think about. ponder. seek. SEARCH DILIGENTLY!

turn over every stone & look in every crevasse for the joy, for the blessing, for the growth, for the strengthening of your faith, of your relationships.

The word that James uses is the Greek Word: ἡγέομαι


We translate the Greek to “consider”, but I believe James meant it much more powerfully, actively, passionately. He was passionate about his brother, his Lord, his God. James knew that during trials, people are much more focused on their problems, their circumstances. James, of all people, knew what trials were. He knew that although trials might crush physically, that all trials would end at some point. Life ebbs & flows like the tide. Our faith is strengthened when we are in positions of weakness. Focus is crucial at this point. If the focus is completely on the situation at hand, we will be crushed.

BUT! If the focus is on the joy of God, the great joy, we will break free of the lie. Searching for each small blessing breaks the bonds of fear.

In our current trial, we are growing closer as a family, our faith is being renewed and growing deeper and stronger with God, we are praying for persistently, we are learning prayer in a new way, we are learning perseverance, diligence, endurance. These things cannot be given, they must be taught.

James 1:4 But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.

Today i pray for the strength to endure the trial, the patience to mature to completion, fortitude that we would lack for nothing that God would desire to build into our lives, and the Godly people to surround us as we go thru this fire. Today i pray for wisdom because i know that You, God, give to all generously and without reproach. i am asking in faith, without doubt that You will provide wisdom to all who ask. i pray that You strengthen each one as they board up and get ready for the storm. i pray for every one who perseveres under trial awaiting the crown of life that You have promised to each one who loves You.

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